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eClosing Definitions

February 18, 2021 - Posted by Editor


A mortgage where the critical loan documentation, at a minimum the Promissory Note, is created, executed, transferred and ultimately stored electronically.


A MISMO SMART DOC that must be tamper-sealed, which is a special type of digital signature that guarantees data integrity and attaches a date and time stamp to the signature, ensuring the document cannot be altered after signing.


The act of electronically affixing a notary signature and acknowledgement to a document, which is authorized in most states. Remote notarization refers to a notary process that occurs online much like an online meeting. This process is recognized in an a smaller, but quickly growing number of states.


A closing process where one or more of the required closing documents are accessed, presented and signed electronically:

• Full eClosing: All documents, including the eNote, are signed electronically.
• Hybrid eClosing: The Promissory Note is papered out and wet-signed, as well as at times the mortgage document, while all other documents are electronically signed and notarized.

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eClosing Definitions
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A mortgage where the critical loan documentation, at a minimum the Promissory Note, is created, executed, transferred and ultimately...

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